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Our program understands that meaningful research is, rather than a product, a process that will prove invaluable in our residents’ professional future.  To that end it is best regarded as a course of study.  Research progress will be regularly monitored and assessed.  Residents will be guided by faculty research advisors in shaping developing their project.  A resident’s progress will be assisted by a committee of faculty members who have expertise in a wide variety of research areas. 

Completed Graduate Student Projects

Class of 2014

Owtad, P. The biology of TMJ growth modification: A review.

Sturgill, J. Changes in retirement plans and practice operations of orthodontists due to the economic recession.

Gardiner, C. Efficacy of mobile-phone text messaging reminders on plaque index and gingival index in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Kothari, H. What influences a pediatric dentist to refer to a particular orthodontist?

Prince, S. A survey of current recall trends in orthodontic practices.

Class of 2013

Shastry, S. Evaluation of the use of digital study models in Postgraduate Orthodontic Programs in the United States and Canada.

Hillstead, B. Orthodontic marketing through social networking.

Milde, B. Efficacy of orthodontic sealants in preventing enamel demineralization.

Bullen, R. Self-perception of the facial profile: An aid in treatment planning for orthognathic surgery.

Cox, T. Facebook marketing in the contemporary orthodontic practice: A consumer report.

Class of 2012

Dansie, C. Training and use of lasers in Postgraduate Orthodontic Programs in the United States and Canada.

Haas, J. Orthodontic marketing through online social networks.

Toureno, L. The effect of western acculturation of Hispanic-Americans on the assessment of Korean facial profile.

Class of 2011

Hoffman, D. Evaluation of preferred maxillary incisor labiolingual inclination utilizing a 3-dimensional animation model.

Nasibi, P. Comparison of SureSmile predicated ABO scores versus final ABO scores measured from the casts and radiographs.

Smith, B. An evaluation of cone-beam computed tomography use in Postgraduate Orthodontic Programs in the United States and Canada.

Morris, J. Correlation of dental maturity with skeletal maturity from radiographic assessment: A review.

Class of 2010

Peterson, K. A comparison of tooth measurement methods and their accuracy: OrthoCAD vs. calipers.

Bowen, M. Enamel thickness assessment of mandibular posterior segments using cone beam computed tomography: a clinically relevant study for interproximal reduction.

Johnson, B. A look at attitudes concerning specialty licensure in the state of Arizona.

Pokorney, C. The positional changes of hyoid bone in tongue thrusting habits.

Class of 2009

Nondorf, M. The Effect of as Laser Created Pilot Hole on the Peak Implant Placement Torque in Pig Maxillae: A Pilot Study.

Bedoya, M. Use of erbium laser in the placement of temporary anchorage devices (TADs): an experimental pilot study.

Sharma, A. Evaluation of a new 3-D digital imaging system for craniofacial clinical use by comparing to direct anthropometry.

Jackson, K. Nonextraction treatment of the labially displaced maxillary canine.