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Types of FUNDS


Contributions designated by donor for a specific college of ATSU, program, department, or initiative are known as restricted funds. Scholarship funds are this type of fund.


Contributions not designated by our donors for a specific college of ATSU, program, or department are known as unrestricted funds. This gift category is of significant importance in that it provides the flexibility to direct funding to current and priority needs, and, to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, providing support for a variety of needs across our University.


Imperative to the growth of ATSU, endowed funds provide for the advancement and growth of our operations and educational programs in perpetuity. Endowments can be designated for the advancement of research, development of academic programs, faculty support, facilities, student recruitment/support and general operations.

The prudent investment policy of the University provides that 20% of all annual endowment fund earnings be returned to the corpus; thereby providing income for continued growth. The remaining 80% of the annual income from the investment is used for the purpose specified by the donor(s) who created the endowment.

Endowed chairs

Endowed chairs may be created to honor distinguished professors or to provide future financial resources directed toward total program support for education and research.

~ Presidential Chair
~ Dean's Chair 
~ Chair 

Endowed Professorships

Endowed professorships may be created to provide financial support for faculty salaries, research, or other program support related to the professorship.

~ $500,000 or more

General Endowment Funds – Restricted & Unrestricted

General endowments may be created to provide financial support for the University’s and/or specific school’s operational needs, specific programs, or to provide financial awards for ATSU students.

~ Presidential Scholarship
~ Other Named Scholarship
$ 25,000
~ Endowed Scholarship
~ Named Endowed Fund

Creating an endowment is an outstanding way to support the University, and, to honor an individual or family member.