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ATSU Annual Giving Levels:

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GuideStar Exchange

Give the gift of smiles

For millions of struggling individuals and families, lack of insurance and low incomes prevent access to oral healthcare. These barriers cut across age, gender, and race.

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Photo of Evelyn Harris

Dr. Crowell gifts more than $1 million to ATSU

“Dr. Crowell’s intelligence, calmness, kindness, openness, confidence, and dignity served the AOA well during organizationally challenging times. He was a steady hand at the helm,” notes his successor John Perrin, JD.

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Photo of Dr. Crowell

Faculty and staff gifts support ATSU’s mission

A person works to receive a paycheck. It is a simple business principle: The employee does a job, and the employer gives him or her money.

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Investing in ATSU has never been easier!

Advance ATSU's Mission

A gift to one of our unrestricted funds may be for you.  These funds allow your donation to support the greatest needs of the University while advancing its mission. 

Student Success

A gift to one of our scholarship funds makes a direct impact on the lives of our students by helping to offset their cost of tuition, helping to reduce their need for educational loans. Various scholarship funds are in place to meet your philanthropic goals, including those based on:

  • School, Department, and/or Program
  • Endowed and Non-Endowed
  • Specific Funding Initiative

Or, contact us if you wish to explore a new funding opportunity.