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Information Technology & Services (ITS)

Information Technology and Services (ITS) is responsible for all computer-related technology resources at ATSU and provides students, faculty, and staff a broad range of both electronic and individual services.

ATSU student account

Approximately 10 days after you paid your acceptance fee you should have received an email from the ITS Help Desk with your personal login information to the ATSU portal, which is the access point to ATSU’s electronic resources. If you have not received this information, please contact the ATSU Help Desk by calling 866.626.2878, ext. 2200, or sending an email.


One popular tool that will be available through the portal is the online forum, which gives you a chance to electronically meet and get acquainted with some of your future classmates. To initiate discussion on the forum, we encourage each student to post some general introductory information (e.g., Where are you from? What undergraduate institution did you attend? What are you looking for in dental school?).

Minimum computer specifications

ATSU requires MOSDOH students to own laptop computers and 32 gb iPads for use in their course work. Student computers and iPads must meet the following specifications:

Windows-based notebook computer
2.0GHz dual core
128GB hard drive
802 .11a, g, or n preferred
Windows XP or better
Office 2007 or 2010

Mac Notebook computer
2.0GHz dual core Intel-based processor
2GB of RAM
160GB hard disk
201 .11b/g or n preferred
Office 2008 or 2011 for Mac

iPad 3  
32GB (or newer)
Apple Care

Students can purchase the iPad prior to matriculation or the University will purchase them for you and charge you from your loan disbursement. iPads will be assigned at orientation. Students purchasing an iPad prior to matriculation will be required to have the appropriate applications installed.

If you have questions about the computer policy, please contact the ATSU Help Desk at or by calling 660.626.2200.