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Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Director-Learning Resources. Students may find that disabilities diminish academic performance. The school can make accommodations for students with documented disabilities who are otherwise qualified. The Process for Requesting Accommodations will provide a detailed explanation. Specific school expectations are documented by program, Minimal Technical Standards for Admission and Matriculation (KCOM) for the Missouri DO program, Minimal Technical Standards for Admission and Matriculation (ATSU-KCOM)-Biomedical Science Program, and the Arizona School of Health Sciences Department of Physician Assistant Studies, Student Technical Standards for the PA program and the ASHS Minimal Technical Standards for Matriculation for all other ASHS programs.

Accommodations can be made with documentation provided by students according to school documentation standards for psychatric or medical or learning disabilities . Documentation standards for medical reasons, mobility limitations, and other physical disabilities are unique to the conditions. Requests for accommodations should be made in writing to the Director-Learning Resources.

Students who receive accommodations at ATSU often seek accommodations for their boards. The examination administrator provides these accommodations and the student must apply directly. The DO programs can find the information needed on the website. Students are asked to speak with their program chairpersons for board contact information.