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Publications of Julia M. Ousterhout, PhD

Ousterhout JM, Sperelakis N. Cyclic nucleotides depress action potentials in cultured aortic smooth muscle cells. Eur J Pharmacol 1987 Nov 24;144(1):7-14 PubMed
Ousterhout JM, Sperelakis N. Effect of Bay K 8644 on tetraethylammonium-induced excitability of the rabbit pulmonary artery. Can J Physiol Pharmacol 1987 May; 65(5):828-33 PubMed
Richards IS, Ousterhout J, Sperelakis N, Murlas CG. cAMP suppresses CA2+-dependent electrical activity of airway smooth muscle induced by TEA. J Appl Physiol 1987 Jan;62(1):175-9 PubMed
Richards IS, Murlas C, Ousterhout JM, Sperelakis N. 8-Bromo-cyclic GMP abolishes TEA-induced slow action potentials in canine trachealis muscle. Eur J Pharmacol 1986 Sep 9;128(3):299-302 PubMed
Wahler GM, Doane JD, Ousterhout JM, Sperelakis N, Lamar JC, Busch N, Biswas JC, Rogers TB. Effect of methylated bepridil on slow action potentials in cardiac muscle and vascular smooth muscle. Biochem Pharmacol 1986 Jul 15;35(14):2337-43 PubMed
Bkaily G, Molyvdas PA, Ousterhout J, Sperelakis N. New dihydropyridine drug, nilvadipine, blocks the calcium slow action potential in rat-cultured aortic smooth muscle cells. Eur J Pharmacol 1986 May 13;124(1-2):59-65 PubMed
Ousterhout JM, Steinsland OS. Effects of cholera toxin on vasoconstriction and cyclic AMP content of the isolated rabbit ear artery. Life Sci 1981 Jun 15;28(24):2687-95 PubMed
Ousterhout J, Struck RF, Nelson JA. Estrogenic activities on methoxychlor metabolites. Biochem Pharmacol 1981 Oct;30(20):2869-71 PubMed
Ousterhout JM (Ph.D. Dissertation). Cholera toxin: effects on contraction and cyclic nucleotide formation in vascular smooth muscle. University of Texas Medical Branch. 1983