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Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Gutensohn Clinic, 4th floor

Our Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine clinic offers osteopathic manipulation for all ages, including pregnant patients. Our team of osteopathic physicians take a whole person approach to caring for patients. Instead of treating specific symptoms or illnesses, they regard the body as an integrated whole. Other offered services include integrated osteopathic medical care, musculoskeletal medicine, cranial manipulation for infants and children, acupuncture, SpineMed mechanical spinal decompression, joint injections, trigger point injections, prolotherapy, and heel lift therapy.

ATSU Women's Health Center

Gutensohn Clinic, 3rd floor

At the ATSU Women’s Health Center, an array of comprehensive services are offered including obstetrics and gynecology and well woman’s care, such as Pap testing and breast care. Personalized prenatal care, maternity care and delivery at the recently remodeled obstetric unit at Northeast Regional Medical Center, as well as osteopathic treatments for general well-being during pregnancy, are provided. Evaluation and management of selected fertility problems or ovulation problems are also available. Other services such as cryosurgery, treatment options for irregular uterine bleeding, and minor surgical procedures are also provided.

Kirksville Family Medicine

Gutensohn Clinic, 3rd floor

At Kirksville Family Medicine, we offer primary care for the entire family. Our physicians, Robert Schneider, DO, director;  Wesley Ryle, MD; and Charles Lehnardt, DO offer compassionate and continuity of care to patients of all ages, as well as supervise our Family Medicine Resident Clinic.

Robert Schneider, DO Residency Director

Robert P. Schneider, DO, FAAFP, is an assistant professor at ATSU’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in the OMM department. Dr. Schneider is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Osteopathic Board of Family Medicine. He earned his doctor of osteopathic medicine from ATSU-KCOM, and he completed residencies at Des Moines General Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, and Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Ill. Learn more about Dr. Schneider.

Charles Lehnardt, DO

Charles W. Lehnardt, DO, is an assistant professor at ATSU’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in the OMM department. Dr. Lehnardt completed residencies at ATSU-KCOM and at Via Christi Family Medicine in Wichita, Kan. Dr. Lehnardt earned his doctor of osteopathic medicine from ATSU-KCOM and is board certified through the American Board of Osteopathic Family Practice, American Board of Family Medicine, and Neuromuscular and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Learn more about Dr. Lehnardt.

Wesley Ryle, MD

Wesley S. Ryle, MD, FAAFP, is an assistant professor at ATSU’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Community Health. Dr. Ryle earned his medical degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia of Medicine. In 2006, Dr. Ryle completed his residency and internship at the Eisenhower Medical center in Augusta, Ga. He is certified by the American Board of Family Physicians. Learn more about Dr. Ryle.

Neurobehavioral Sciences

Gutensohn Clinic, 4th floor

Neurology and psychology services are available at our Neurobehavioral Sciences clinic.  G. Barry Robbins, DO, specializes in neurology services including headaches, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, tremors, stroke, attention deficit disorder, narcolepsy, peripheral neuropathy, and vertigo. Richard Hall, PhD, offers psychology services such as cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, psychological testing for mental illness, cognitive functioning and memory, psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery clearance, and forensic psychological evaluations.

G. Barry Robbins, Jr., DO, Neurology
Richard Hall, PhD, Psychology