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ASDOH Orthodontics

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Tuition and Budget

Tuition is due twice a year at ASDOH. It is due at the beginning of the first and third quarters. The tuition amount due each payment is half the cost for the entire year. Tuition may be paid any time during the week that it is due. Delinquent tuition penalties accrue at 1 1/2% per month, which is 18% per year.

All Budgets are listed below for the 14-15 academic year and are PDF files.

1st Year Budget
2nd Year Budget
3rd Year Budget

2014-15 Tuition and Fees



Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Policy

The Department of Education is encouraging and, at times, requiring educational institutions to become paperless. Therefore, funds received through federal and private loans will normally be transferred electronically to a student's account at ATSU. Students will receive a receipt itemizing the type of loan and amount credited to their account at the institution. Funds electronically transferred above what is owed for tuition and fees will promptly be refunded to the student by check or deposited directly to the student's bank account. (Students that have lenders that do not wire money to ATSU will receive their financial aid through a co-payable check.) Generally, funds are available when tuition is due.


Direct Deposit

Many banks in states outside of Missouri make students wait 10 business days to tap their loan funds when deposited by check. Therefore, we require all students to use direct deposit where ATSU wires money to the student's bank account. This way, the money is available on the day it is wired to the bank.

Direct Deposit Form



Gainful Employment Disclosure information is provided for the Certificate Program in Orthodontics at ATSU. 



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